Practical Nursing Follow-up Form

Practical Nursing Follow Up

Practical Nursing Follow Up

1. Preparation: Overall, do you feel that the training you received in the LPN program at Garnet prepared you for your role as an LPN?*

2. Skills Training: What additional skills training do you feel would have better prepared you?*

3. Time spent : Theory & Hands on- What areas do you feel needed more time spent in regards to theory and hands on practice?*

4. In comparison to other LPN's with whom you work, do you feel as though you are :*

less prepared
just as prepared
more prepared

Click one choice.

5. Areas of Weakness: If you feel less prepared, what areas do you feel are your weakest?*

6. Instructor Preparedness: Do feel that the instructors are qualified and competent and that they met your needs in the class and clinical settings as a PN student?

7. School's perceived value: In regards to Garnet as a whole, do you feel the school is truly an asset to this community?

8. Recommendation: Would you recommend this program /school to your friends or family?*

9. Additional Comments: Feel free to make any additional comments regarding your educational experience at Garnet Career Center.*

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